How Hitler Came To Power


The Germans turned to Nazism after the Wall Street Crash of 1929 out of desperation. Hitler had by then developed a bit of a following due to his great speaking skills, confidence that he was a gift from God and his general ability to draw people in to his sick beliefs and brain wash them. He had already campaigned and developed a following before this happened and he had the financial backing of many wealthy businessmen. This website gives a good summary of Hitler’s rise to power.

The Wall Street Crash had resulted in the Americans calling in their loans of Germany. This left Germany is a state of poverty, with many people left living on the streets and going hungry. People wanted someone to blame and Hitler gave them this and so the Nazi success grew and grew.

President Hindenburg made the mistake in 1933 of making Hitler Chancellor after Hitler refused the title of Vice-Chancellor. President Hindenburg thought he could control Hitler, however, Hitler was able to overtake power due to his supporters and therefore ended up becoming one of the most significant Dictators ever known, resulting in the deaths of over 6 million Jews. I really can’t imagine having a Prime Minister in Australia that would be able to control the beliefs of Australians like Hitler did with the Germans. He really must have been persuasive and made people believe he could offer them a better life.


One thought on “How Hitler Came To Power

  1. Yes, clearly he had many brilliant qualities. He was able to enthuse his audience and to make them love him and worship him unconditionally… One of the most powerful speakers of all times – if only he had had a message of peace and love instead of hate and conflict…


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