Monday, 15 June 1942

Anne at school
Anne at school

Anne’s diary entry on this date at the start of the book (where she talks about her classmates), makes me feel like  I could easily be reading my younger sister’s diary. I hadn’t really given much thought to World War II, the Nazis, or what people went through at that time until I started reading the book. However, right from the start, she warms you to the fact she was just a normal girl and the great detail to which she writes, really makes it seem real to you. It must have been a terrifying time.

In this diary entry, Anne is very honest about all the kids in her class- to the extent that you wouldn’t think she intended on anyone reading it.. especially not some of the kids she wrote about. It’s actually funny to realise that Anne’s class (that lived in a different period, and in a completely different culture) contained the same different variety and types of kids I would have gone to school with over the years.



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