Tuesday, 1st August 1944- Anne’s Last Diary Entry

I found a great website that includes an interactive timeline of Anne’s time before, during and after her time in the secret annex.


Anne’s last diary entry is probably her most moving one. She goes into great depth to explain how the real Anne Frank is not the Anne Frank that people around her know. She explains that the Anne Frank she is around others is known to be a smart arse, a flirt and a clown, but to show her true self to her family and friends (which is a much softer side) often results in them thinking she is sick or moody. She says how she often has to save herself with a joke to cover her tracks if the “good Anne” shines through, and this constant tug of war between her two selves is why a lot of people don’t like her or find her aloof. Her last quote reads, “if only there were no other people in the world”.

To think that she ended her diary with such a powerful and revealing entry before being captured is amazing. It’s almost like she knew this would be her last entry and she was wrapping her “book” up. If only she knew how great her diary was to become and how many lives it would touch after she passed.


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