Tuesday, 8th February 1944

In this diary entry, Anne speaks about her mum and dad’s relationship as well as her own relationship with her mum. She analyses her parents’ relationship in great detail- the way her dad kissed her mum like he kissed her and Margot, the way he looks at her without any hint of real love and also how he only married her because she would make a suitable wife- I think she must’ve been pretty switched on to have picked up on these things at such a young age. Anne goes on to write how her mum has never opened up to her about her feelings or spoken to Anne about her life, and is somewhat cold to her. Anne felt sorry for her for being such an emotional wreck and loving her dad so much when it wasn’t reciprocated. Her parents never fought or bickered.. her mum was happy to be a wallflower in her dad’s life and knew that she was just there to do a job as a wife and mother.

Anne and her family

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